Migraine Trigger: Inflammation

Migraine Trigger: Inflammation

Five reasons why inflammation triggers migraines:

1. Migraineurs are Inflamed

Research shows that migraines are associated with increased levels of inflammation (study link).

2. Inflammation ↔ Oxidative Stress ↔ Migraines

Inflammation both increases oxidative stress and is increased by oxidative stress (study link).

Oxidative stress is associated with migraines and nearly all migraine triggers (full article). You can see how this cycle can spiral out of control.

3. Inflammation Releases CGRP

The latest research has found that migraines are triggered by something called a calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) (study link).

The next generation migraine drug blocks CGRP and is shaping up to be the most successful migraine medication ever developed (study link).

CGRP is released as a result of inflammation and oxidative stress (study link).

4. Increased Glutamate

Inflammation can trigger excessive amounts of the migraine trigger glutamate (study 1, 2).

5. Top Headache Triggers Inflame

Inflammation is associated with the top headache triggers and numerous conditions linked to migraines (book link).

Anti-inflammatory medications are common migraine treatments.

Food and Inflammation

Food allergens are a dangerous source of inflammation.

Migraine sufferers are much more likely to have gut inflammation and those with gut inflammation are more likely to have migraines (article link).

Inflammation in the gut makes it harder to digest the nutrients that prevent migraines and break down migraine triggers.

The most successful studies on completely eliminating migraines have come from reducing food triggers (article link).

Research shows that reducing food triggers can even stop other sources of inflammation from triggering migraines, such as stress, smoke, or perfume.

This goes both ways. The inflammation from stress could also make foods more likely to trigger migraines (article link).

It’s an Accumulation that Triggers Migraines

The headache threshold can be broken by an accumulation of inflammation from headache triggers.

It’s like filling up a cup with water. The goal is to reduce the total level of inflammation so the threshold doesn’t get to the top of that cup, spill over, and trigger a headache or migraine.

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