Migraine Trigger: Dehydration

Migraine Trigger: Dehydration

Dehydration is a top migraine trigger. So stay hydrated.

Three reasons why dehydration triggers migraines.

1. Increased Oxidative Stress

Dehydration increases oxidative stress and oxidative stress is the largest migraine trigger (study 1, 2).

2. Increased Histamine

Histamine is released to stimulate thirst (study link).

Histamine is a common migraine trigger.

3. Increased Glutamate and Inflammation

Dehydration increases the migraine trigger glutamate (study link).

Glutamate increases inflammation, a migraine trigger (study link).

Inflammation will also increase oxidative stress—the largest migraine trigger (study link).

Dehydration is a migraine trigger (study link).

Hydration is more elusive, however. Water alone does not hydrate you.

To learn how to hydrate with minerals and prevent migraines, click here.

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