Migraine Prevention: Vegetables, Water, Hydration, Minerals, and Migraine Prevention

Vegetables, Water, Hydration, Minerals, and Migraine Prevention

Dehydration is a top migraine trigger.

Water alone does not hydrate you.

Vegetables have minerals.

Eat vegetables, drink water, and prevent migraines.

This article does not contain the cited research on why minerals are critical for migraine prevention. For that article, click here.

Tap Water and Vegetables

Minerals from tap water and natural foods provide enough electrolytes to restore hydration even under the extreme circumstances of exercise-induced dehydration (study link).

However, most of us eat processed foods that have very few minerals and can even deplete minerals from our bodies.

There is no secret to this. Vegetables contain minerals and vary widely in their mineral content. You need a variety of minerals.

So eat lots of different vegetables and less processed foods.

Organic Minerals

In a review of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, it was found that organic crops contained more minerals and nutrients than non-organic crops (study link).

Eating organic vegetables will give you more of the minerals you need for migraine prevention.

Organic fruits and meats will also carry large amounts of minerals.

Antioxidants Too

Not only do vegetables contain high levels of water content and minerals, they are loaded with antioxidants.

Antioxidants help fight oxidative stress—the largest migraine trigger.

Here is a list of vegetables that have high levels of antioxidants and minerals.

You’ll find that antioxidants are similar to minerals in the way that there is no specific formula to follow.

Just eat a variety of vegetables to gain all the minerals and antioxidants you need to fight migraines.

This is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read the disclaimer.

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