Migraine Prevention: Mineral Water

Mineral Water for Migraine Prevention

Dehydration is a top headache trigger.

Water alone does not hydrate you.

Minerals are required for hydration.

Drink mineral water.

Hydration is Critical for Migraine Prevention

Minerals combined with water have some of the highest success rates at both stopping migraines and preventing migraines. It sounds crazy, but it’s not.

You can read more about this phenomenon with the studies to back it up here.

Filtered Water Filters Out Minerals

Our water sources today are polluted, so water treatment facilities filter water. Most of us then use a home water filter, such as a Brita.

This is good because we want to filter out all of those toxins that could increase oxidative stress and migraines.

The bad news is that we also filter out all of the good minerals that are necessary for hydration and migraine prevention.

Why You Are Missing Minerals

Although natural foods should have enough minerals for our hydration, many migraine sufferers have trouble digesting food because of gut problems (article link).

And most of us eat processed foods that are low in minerals and may even deplete the minerals in our bodies during digestion.

For these reasons, tap water might not be able to cut it for migraine sufferers.

Minerals You Need and Sugary Gut Bombs You Don’t

You need small amounts of calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium for hydration and migraine prevention.

Mineral water has these nutrients (Pellegrino link).

You can also add trace minerals to your filtered tap water to save money (Amazon link).

Many migraine sufferers take mineral supplements with filtered water (article link).

These are the very minerals that sports drink companies call electrolytes. However, sports drinks have huge amounts of sugar that can inflame the gut and increase migraine risk.

New research even suggests that sugary drinks can dehydrate you (study link).

We should be drinking mineral water with natural electrolytes, not sugary gut bombs.

Sum it Up

Dehydration is a top migraine trigger.

Minerals are necessary for hydration and migraine prevention.

Drink mineral water.

For more on the science behind how critical minerals are for migraine prevention, read the article, Hydration for Migraine Prevention (article link).

This is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read the disclaimer.

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