Migraine Prevention: Mineral Supplements, Hydration, and Migraine Prevention

Mineral Supplements, Hydration, and Migraine Prevention

Numerous minerals are required for hydration and migraine prevention.

In healthy individuals, tap water and vegetables contain enough minerals for hydrations (study link). However, migraine sufferers are more likely to have digestion problems and mineral deficiencies (article link).

Migraine sufferers may benefit from getting all the essential minerals in a supplement form.

Eight reasons why minerals fight migraines:

1. Magnesium alone is found to reduce migraine frequency by 42 percent (study link).

2. Sodium and magnesium are part of the most successful emergency treatment for stopping chronic headaches and migraines (study link).

3. Magnesium helps regulate calcium to prevent migraines (study link). This prevents excitotoxicity, which is associated with migraines.

The next generation migraine drug also prevents excitotoxicity (study link).

4. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and also prevents excitotoxicity, which is associated with migraines (study 1, 2).

5. Some of the most successful migraine prevention drugs regulate sodium channels and calcium channels to prevent an excess of the migraine trigger glutamate (research link, study link).

6. Dehydration increases oxidative stress and oxidative stress is the largest migraine trigger (study 1, 2).

7. Thirst and dehydration stimulate a migraine trigger called histamine (study link).

8. Dehydration is found to increase the migraine trigger glutamate (study link).

Taking a drug or supplement that includes just one mineral may not work. It could even disrupt the levels of other necessary minerals.

You should speak with a doctor before taking mineral supplements for this reason.

Hydration and migraine prevention is complex and requires numerous minerals.

Here are the minerals you need:




Calcium (and vitamin D for absorption).


Here are two supplements that will help with hydration:

1. Saltstick caps provide serious hydration with all of the above minerals (Amazon link).

A 2015 study even found that athletes who consumed twelve Saltstick caps during a half-ironman competition finished the race twenty-six minutes faster than those who only used sports drinks (study link).

2. Essential electrolytes by NutriBiotic (Amazon link).

I like Saltstick caps because they provide the most minerals, especially sodium. I use them every day.

Sodium is one of the best minerals for hydration and migraine prevention and you can read more about it here.

Avoid other mineral supplements that come with migraine triggers such as sugar, additives, and artificial sweeteners.

This is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read the disclaimer.

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