Eliminate Migraines in Three Days

Many people believe that complete migraine remission is impossible. Research, however, shows that it is possible to completely eliminate migraines in as little as three days.

Eliminate Migraines in Three Days

Many people believe that complete migraine remission is impossible. Research, however, shows that it is possible to completely eliminate migraines in as little as three days.

Here are ten studies that resulted in people experiencing 100 percent migraine elimination:

  1. Below are the migraine diaries of two twin sisters with chronic migraines.
    The migraine diaries of two twin sisters with migraines.
    The migraine diaries of two twin sisters with migraines.

    Both sisters were migraine free within three days of starting the ketogenic diet. The results were replicated three times in a one-year period and documented in a 2013 case study (study link). Another study from 2013 found that the ketogenic diet reduced migraine frequency in more than 90 percent of patients (study link).

  2. A diet study from 1979 completely eliminated migraines in 85 percent of patients and all patients drastically reduced their migraine frequency. The majority of patients ceased to have migraines within three days. Migraines for the entire group dropped from 402 per month to just six per month (study link).
  3. A food elimination study from 1983 had 89 percent of patients become completely migraine free. Food triggers, when re-introduced, triggered migraines within two to three days. After starting the diet, other triggers such as stress and noise had no effect (study link).
  4. A food allergen study from 2007 completely eliminated migraines in 77 percent of patients (study link). This study only removed personal allergens and did not remove common triggers like the more successful studies from 1979 and 1983.
  5. A study from 1980 found that 23 migraine patients had food allergies. The elimination of those foods resulted in complete migraine elimination for “most” patients (study link).
  6. A milk elimination diet resulted in the complete absence of migraines in 18 out of 26 patients. Six months later, nine of the patients were given milk and all nine suffered a migraine within two to three days of consumption, with one patient requiring hospitalization (study link).
  7. Studies since the 1930s have found complete migraine elimination in as little as three days from the elimination of top headache triggers such as milk, wheat, and eggs (study link).
  8. A next generation migraine drug that blocks CGRP completely eliminated migraines by the end of a three-month study in 41 percent of patients (study link). This is great news because there are natural ways to reduce CGRP, such as reducing oxidative stress.
  9. Pregnancy completely eliminated migraines in 79 percent of women in a study published in 2006 (study link). While pregnancy is no cure, it does prove that complete elimination of migraines is possible. It also gives us insight into how we can naturally eliminate migraines (article link).
  10. A case study from 2002 found that a man developed migraines for the first time at age 57 after introducing soy supplements to his diet. After the removal of soy, his symptoms completely disappeared. Migraines can occur for the first time in your 50s and then completely go away after the triggers are removed (study link).

Yes, a cure is possible.

A cure “restores health” (dictionary.com). The numerous studies above prove that the majority of people can completely eliminate migraines and restore their health.

Why haven’t any studies completely eliminated migraines in all patients?

Migraine sufferers have elevated levels of oxidative stress and nearly all migraine triggers cause oxidative stress (study 1, 2). Food elimination diets that remove only personal allergens—which cause oxidative stress—are not 100 percent successful because food allergen testing is not 100 percent accurate.

Successful elimination diets, such as in the 1979 and 1983 studies, removed the most common migraine triggers in addition to personal allergens. However, no study to date has removed personal allergens, the most common food triggers, and the top sources of oxidative stress.

You can’t expect everyone on a ketogenic diet to completely eliminate migraines when a large portion of people on the diet are continuing to eat top migraine triggers such as cheese. There are numerous foods that cause oxidative stress that need to be recognized in future elimination-diet studies.

A “medical cure” is not possible.

The drug companies love to say that migraines are genetic and there is no cure. They are referring to a medical cure. A medical cure is to end a medical condition. Migraines are a natural defense mechanism that up to 43 percent of women will experience at some point in their lifetimes (study link). You can eliminate migraines, but they may return if the body is subjected to large amounts of oxidative stress (study link). The fact that migraines can return makes a medical cure impossible by definition.

The American Diabetes Association has also stated that you cannot “medically cure” type 2 diabetes because high blood sugar is a natural response that will reoccur if a person returns to an unhealthy lifestyle (study link). This is the same reason why you cannot medically cure obesity. Migraine risk is significantly increased by obesity, diabetes, and numerous other conditions that increase oxidative stress (study 1, 2). These conditions aren’t like a bacterium that you can kill with penicillin to end the disease, which would be a medical cure.

Genetics may also play a factor in these conditions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to eliminate migraines, obesity, type 2 diabetes, or other conditions associated with oxidative stress. Albeit, migraines are more difficult to treat than something like obesity, where you can simply avoid calories. Migraines are affected by numerous sources of oxidative stress and complex conditions that cause oxidative stress.

Drug companies promote the idea that there is no migraine cure to make people feel helpless and convince them to use drugs even though they have low success rates. The research discussed here, however, proves that it is possible to completely eliminate migraines and restore health, which is by definition to cure migraines. The difference from a medical cure is simply that you’ll need to continually work on migraine prevention. “Health” is a continual process.

A cure is not possible for all patients.

Some sources of oxidative stress may not be treatable. For example, a spinal cord injury from a car accident will raise oxidative stress and increase the probability of migraines (study link). However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to reduce oxidative stress. Migraines are based on the total levels of oxidative stress in your body, which at elevated levels break the headache threshold (learn more).

Reducing oxidative stress from other areas will help to reduce or eliminate migraines. This is how the 1983 elimination diet was able to make other types of triggers such as stress irrelevant. The concept of reducing total levels of oxidative stress is the basis for the 3-Day Migraine Diet and the 3-Day Headache “Cure”.

What should I do?

Taking the steps pointed out in the research above, such as the ketogenic diet, may leave you migraine free within three days. However, if you want to increase your odds of becoming migraine free, check out the 3-Day Migraine Diet (Learn more). It is a research-backed guide to eliminating top migraine triggers and introducing ways to prevent the buildup of oxidative stress—the largest migraine trigger.

Author: Jeremy Orozco

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