Holy smokes, you just read more research on migraines than most people will read in a life-time! Did you know the average medical doctor, according to the World Health Organization, spends only four hours in medical school learning about headache disorders? I’m going to just call you “Doctor” now.

Well, here are some resources to help you navigate your journey toward headache health:

The 3-Day Migraine Diet Food Map

Download the Food Map for free to get a beautiful overview of The 3-Day Migraine Diet. Keep everything that is now in your head on a single sheet of paper.


The 3-Day Migraine Diet PDF Download

It feels like it took me a lifetime to make The 3-Day Migraine Diet. This is the same diet you can read here, but the entire collection of articles is organized into one PDF. It’s a 94-page beast that you can print out and keep on your coffee table.


The Headache Help Guide

The guide was made prior to the diet. It has some great info on other ways to reduce oxidative stress and beat migraines. It’s the checklist that came with my 500-page book and it’s totally free.


The 3-Day Headache “Cure”

Get my book. It’s a behemoth and only for people who are super serious about understanding migraines. This one will cost you. Printing 587 pages of paper is expensive. The Kindle version is a deal.



Thanks for making it this far with me. I appreciate you.



Jeremy Orozco

  1. Introduction
  2. The Most Dangerous Foods
  3. Dangerous in Large Amounts
  4. Dangerous in Excess
  5. Food Allergens
  6. Special Circumstances
  7. Foods to Eat
  8. Antioxidants
  9. Hydration
  10. Supplements
  11. YOU ARE HERE: Conclusion

This is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read more.