The 3-Day Migraine Diet

A Research-Based Approach to Migraines

The 3-Day Migraine Diet reduces top headache triggers and introduces nutrition that fights headaches and migraines. The diet is aimed at increasing fat loss, gut health, appetite satisfaction, clarity, energy, health, strength, stamina, and quality of sleep.

Is it possible to eliminate migraines in three days? Yes. See the scientific proof here.

How Does It Work?

Multiple headache triggers combine to fill up what’s called the headache threshold. Think of the headache threshold as a cup. When we add headache triggers to the cup, eventually the cup fills up and spills over to break the headache threshold. Research shows that removing the top food triggers keeps that headache threshold from overflowing. It even reduces the ability of other triggers such as stress or personal allergens from triggering migraines. 

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It takes food triggers an average of two to three days to trigger migraines. While there is no “medical cure” for migraines, eliminating food triggers has been proven to completely eliminate migraines for a large percentage of patients in as little as three days.

Simply eliminate or reduce the top food triggers, record all the foods you eat in a headache diary so that you can identify personal food triggers that are unique to you, and eat delicious foods that prevent headaches and migraines. This is not easy. It is a challenge.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

Four Simple Steps

  • Step One

A headache threshold involves multiple triggers. Reduce or eliminate the most dangerous food triggers so that the headache threshold can’t overflow.

  • Step Two 

Reduce your intake of processed foods, food additives, carbohydrates, inflammatory foods, glutamate, biogenic amines (histamine and tyramine), and other headache triggers. This will improve gut function, hormone levels, nutrient absorption, weight loss, and filtration of other headache triggers.

  • Step Three

Increase your intake of water; healthy fats (MCTs); and natural, low carbohydrate foods with fiber; minerals (including salt); vitamins; and antioxidants. This will prevent the headache threshold from overflowing by reducing the damage caused by headache triggers.

  • Step Four

Keep a food diary to keep track of personal allergens. Any food can be a personal headache trigger. Search for food combinations that have been consumed within three days of any headache or negative symptom occurring. Eliminate suspected foods. This will also improve gut health, which is critical for headache health and weight loss.

In the next 9 pages, I’ll explain exactly which trigger foods you should eliminate or moderate, and which foods and minerals you should consume more of to prevent migraines. You’ll see short descriptions of each food or mineral, with links to in-depth articles and research citations.

You can download the 1-page PDF Food Map as a handy reference, or buy a PDF copy of this entire diet (90+ pages!). It’s time to beat migraines. Forever.

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  5. Food Allergens
  6. Special Circumstances
  7. Foods to Eat
  8. Antioxidants
  9. Hydration
  10. Supplements
  11. Conclusion

This is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read more.