Migraine Trigger: GMO Foods

Migraine Trigger: GMO Foods

Five reasons why excessive consumption of genetically modified foods (GMOs) are a migraine trigger:

1.  Less Antioxidants

In a 2014 Washington State University and New Castle University meta-study of 343 peer-reviewed studies, it was found that organic crops had 18–69 percent more antioxidants than conventional crops and lower levels of poison (study link).

Antioxidants are needed to fight oxidative stress—the largest migraine trigger.

2.  Gut Inflammation

A peer-reviewed study from 2013 found that pigs fed genetically modified (GM) corn and soy had higher rates of severe stomach inflammation compared to 125 non-GM-fed pigs (study link).

Gut inflammation increases migraine risk (article link). Corn and soy are the top genetically modified foods that are both migraine triggers.

3.  Increased Allergens and Inflammation

In a government-sponsored study in Italy, mice that were fed GMO corn showed increased allergen antibodies and increased inflammation.

Both increased allergens and inflammation are associated with migraines (study link).

4.  Less Omega-3

Cows fed GMO feed with hormones produce milk with less omega-3 fat than organic milk (study link).

Organic meat has 47 percent more omega-3 fat on average (study).

Omega-3 fat helps fight migraines (full article).

5.  Low Nutrients, High Pesticides

Organic foods contain higher levels of nutrients that fight migraines and lower levels of pesticides (study link).

No Proof That GMOs are Safe

A 2011 review of 19 GMO studies found consumption of GMO food led to damage to the liver and kidneys of mice in a short amount of time, which could lead to chronic disease.

The study concluded that there are no long-term tests that prove GMOs are safe for human consumption and “this is socially unacceptable in terms of consumer health protection” (study link).

Safer Choice

GMO foods generally have lower levels of nutrients and higher levels of poison, such as glyphosate.

Glyphosate is designed to destroy insects by obliterating their stomachs.

While it has been deemed safe for human consumption, consumption in large quantities may be a problem for migraine sufferers.

Gut health and fighting oxidative stress are critical for migraine sufferers.

Eating organic foods with more nutrients and less poison is a safer choice.

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