Migraine Prevention: Glutathione

Migraine Prevention: Glutathione

Antioxidants Reduce Migraines

Glutathione was coined the mother of all antioxidants by Dr. Mark Hyman.

Migraines are associated with oxidative stress and antioxidants stop oxidative stress.

You want to boost your glutathione levels to crush oxidative stress and migraines.

Glutathione recycles antioxidants.

Migraine Triggers Deplete Antioxidants

Unfortunately, headache triggers such as a poor diet, pollution, medications, disease, toxins, and stress can deplete glutathione levels.

Low antioxidant levels will not only trigger migraines, but will also leave your immune system wide open to chronic infections and diseases.

Supplements Don’t Always Work

Taking a glutathione pill may not raise glutathione levels in the blood (study).

Glutathione is made up of several amino acids that are broken down during digestion and the body doesn’t automatically put them back together.

If a pill of glutathione automatically raised glutathione blood levels, it would be the answer to preventing all diseases.

Dr. Mark Hyman suggests a number of supplements that could help your body to naturally produce glutathione (article link). However, supplements are not guaranteed to do this and may have the opposite effect.

How to Increase Glutathione

The surest way to increase glutathione is to eat natural foods with the nutrients required to boost glutathione levels.

Organic fruits, vegetables, and meats also come with the added benefit of numerous nutrients that reduce the impact of headache triggers as well as reserving antioxidant and glutathione levels.

Here is a list of foods that increase antioxidant and glutathione levels in the body:

Antioxidants for migraines. Foods.

You should look at glutathione as a measure of your overall health.

Just because you eat some antioxidant vegetables doesn’t mean that you can consume all the headache triggers you want.

Nearly all headache triggers are associated with oxidative stress and they will deplete antioxidant levels.

Reduce the top triggers in addition to eating foods that boost glutathione.

This is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read the disclaimer.

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